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Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Melbourne

We encourage you to compare return on investment numbers with any manual cleaning option

Commercial facilities located in industrial areas often suffer from significant pollution such as from smokestacks, exhaust systems, jet aircraft, animal farms, wind, rain, agricultural sprays and dust. While the percentages vary among locations, monitoring can determine the actual amount of power lost each day.

We have seen panels with footprints where manual cleaners have walked on them. Access for manual cleaners at industrial sites can require cherry pickers or scissor lifts making it an expensive exercise, especially with Australia’s OH&S laws.

In our experience the most diligent of owners clean about every three months, but more commonly panels are only washed once a year. This will means that even at best case scenario panels are entirely clean for only 100 days over a 25 year lifespan and in reality probably no more than 25 days. It is an exceptionally low number of days to have your panels truly clean and functional.

While rain assists in removing some pollutants, it does not clean panels properly. The mounting angle of the panels may also contribute to dirt and dust buildup. Flat or nearly flat mounted panels are more prone to retain more dirt than the angled ones.

Take for example bird droppings. Our system cleans daily and removes bird droppings whilst still soft, as once it has been hardened, rain will not remove it.


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