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Do I need to clean my solar panels?

Do you find yourself asking the question ‘Do I need to clean my solar panels?’ If yes then you are not the only one. Here is what most experts have to say about it.

Regular maintenance of solar panels, including normal cleans is very important to the long term functioning of your solar panel system. As most solar panels are set on the top of homes it is essential to carry out the cleaning properly and safely. One approach to guarantee an incredible clean and the security of your family is to assign your solar panel cleaning needs to the specialists.

With regards to a decent solar panel clean, there is way more to consider than simply showering water onto the boards. To take care of business right you need the best modern gear, you need understanding and you need the activity to be led securely. Most casual workers will just utilize high pressure water to clean it but this by itself won’t get rid of the leaves and microbial growth and in spite of the fact that the surface will look clean, it won’t last.

Sol Tech solar panel cleaning system utilizes the best gear available to give a complete clean, so that you can have certainty that you will get the best outcome from your solar panel cleaning system.

Do I need to clean my solar panels myself or do I need a specialist?

While you can clean the solar panels yourself, contracting a solar panel cleaner or a cleaning system for your Australian home or business is a good idea as they have a better knowledge and experience of climbing rooftops, safety measures and solar equipment maintenance.

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Sol Tech Solar Panel Cleaning Systems in Melbourne are specifically designed to comply with manufacturers warranties. Sprayers are attached to the frame without fixings, keeping the panel surface completely intact.

Our systems clean solar panels automatically every 24-48 hours, at night time when the solar panels are cold.

No chemical agents or abrasive detergents are used as these may harm the panels and void panel warranties. Even in cases of large amounts of rain – it does not clean the panels. Low water pressure is used as per panel warranty requirements.

Our custom design systems depending on the environment. For hard water conditions the water is filtered and softened.


Specifically designed to meet each client’s needs. Taking into account the array layout, local water, dust and weather conditions.
Remote independent controller allows for optimisation of cleaning cycles and electricity over time.
Cleans in as little as 30 seconds per panel.
Superior to manual cleaning in terms of cost efficiency and resource availability.



Maximise your panels efficiency!

We customise solutions to deliver a return on investment sooner.

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